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2018 Will Be The Year of Harassment Training

The most common requests lawyers have received are for sexual harassment training in 2018 and help with internal investigations. Strong training programs and comprehensive internal complaint mechanisms put employers in a better position to defend themselves from liability when complaints are made against them. Employers are not expected to monitor every action taking place within their workplaces, but they must take reasonable steps to prevent harassment and assault from occurring…

Still hanging on to that old sexual harassment policy?

If your firm is like many companies, someone wrote your sexual harassment policy 20 years ago. And you have likely  not updated it since then right? Well, it’s time to dust it off. It may even be time to blow it up in the wake of the new epidemic of sexual harassment. Of course, Empathic Workplace would like to help, if you need. But whoever provides the consulting and legal…

The Way to Truly Prevent Harassment Is ….

Training is a good idea, and required, but…. the way to truly prevent harassment is to create a workplace culture in which disrespectful conduct is not tolerated. An Empathic Workplace has three distinct processes: (1) culture change (long term) (2) harassment prevention training (short term) (3) investigations (immediate) This article from the Omaha World-Herald supports this approach. Read The Article