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FORBES: Gayle King’s Kobe Interview Goes Up In Flames And Raises A Topic Most Ignore—Handling Controversy At Work

“Know your values so well that they inform everything you do. You should be clear on your corporate values as well as your personal values. Examples company executives often give me include, authenticity, empathy and respect. But just knowing those values isn’t enough. “Knowing how to communicate your values is the closest thing you get to a formula for getting through conflict,” says Angela Nino, CFI, founder and CEO of…

LPRC IMPACT Conference: Is Research Really Working?

“The 2019 theme of IMPACT is “Trust” and the keynote speaker was Angela Nino, CFI, founder of Empathtic Workplace. Nino discussed the science of empathy and its role in establishing trust with both peers and employees. She also spoke about treating people with dignity, especially during the interviewing/interrogation process and ultimate separation from the company.” Read Full Story  

The value of an empathic workplace by Jason Busch

A manager once said that Angela Nino, after that same manager noticed something was going on with Nino and asked her to tell him about it. “I was like, ‘You just asked me the what the problem was, and I told you, and then you told me you didn’t want to hear it,’” says Nino now. “Like, pick one.” “Nino, a trained forensic interviewer, Chicago-based improv comedian, and founder and…