Empathic Workplace Believes


We believe empathy is the ability to understand and share emotion with others. The ability to acknowledge that our lens is not the lens, and that an individual experience of truth is not the truth of all. Empathy is the elimination of silence, secrecy, and judgement as a practice.


We believe connection is vital in every workplace interaction, including difficult conversations.


We believe authenticity is the ability to show up and be seen. An empathic workplace is a safe space for everyone to be themselves. An empathic workplace maintains an awareness of reality.

Emotional Intelligence

We believe emotional intelligence is the ability to communicate effectively through difficult conversations, letting go of control and empowering a workforce, and demonstrating integrity with actions over words.


We believe improvisation skills infuse learning. Life does not have a script, failure is ok and perfection is not a thing. Our training is interactive, entertaining and fun to create the mindset and conditions for an empathic workplace culture.


We believe imperfection is to be embraced because the illusion of perfectionism is the enemy of creativity, innovation and change. An empathic workplace is inspired and not afraid to fail.


We believe trust is essential in an empathic workplace to move a company forward. Teams that do not trust their companies or leaders waste cognitive resources watching their backs.


We believe intention is the backbone of an empathic workplace. The education and development of people demonstrates intentional care, promotes a common purpose and ensures everyone knows they are valued.