Learning Specialists

We provide an ensemble of talented faculty that facilitate workshops, lectures and interactive events.

Learning Experience

We have a rich background in workplace learning and empathic culture creation .

Learning Creatively

We offer a unique set of learning modules that fuse workplace learning with empathic improvisation.

Communication and Improvisation: The Art of Building an Empathic Work

Science of Empathy: Where Do Our Emotions Come From

Empathic Workplace Believes

emotional intelligence, authentic connection and improvisational principles help organizations create and maintain an empathic workplace culture.

The Principles & Practices of an Empathic Workplace

Empathic Workplace presents workshops, lectures and demonstrations for business, associations and government agencies. The executives, managers and employees who attend gain knowledge of the foundational principles that build an empathic workplace. 

The Empathic Workplace Investigation Approach


An Empathic Workplace Investigation means taking an authentic, mindful approach to accusations, interviews and investigations.  We believe that the imperfect nature of communication that occurs during a workplace investigation can be balanced with empathy. The results of empathic communication reflect better trust, increased veracity and a positive organizational integrity.

We all know that failure to conduct a prompt, appropriate, well-documented and legally defensible investigation can result in crippling liability to an organization. What we have found makes the most profound impact is to perform investigations and interview in the most empathetic manner possible.

Learning In An Empathic Frame of Mind


An Empathic Workplace will pay immeasurable dividends in the form of attracting and retaining top talent, minimizing voluntary turnover, and increasing morale and productivity.

Empathic Workplace training meets all legal requirements for sexual harassment prevention training, yet it does not come across to employees as “legal” or “compliance focused.”

We believe every organization should:

  • Establish a culture of respect
  • Promote an atmosphere of trust
  • Show empathy by fostering honesty
  • Provide clear and open communication channels

By focusing on building an Empathic Workplace, rather than on preventing harassment, or solely "complying with the law", employees have no reason to question why the organization felt compelled to provide legal compliance training.

Employees are more open to and accepting of this type of program, as creating an Empathic Workplace is a positive goal shared by all.


We Craft Empathic Employee
Investigation and Interview Techniques


Empathic Workplace has the proven experience to assist in performing fair, comprehensive and legally compliant workplace investigations.

We can perform the work for you as a qualified third party.
We can consult on how your organization can achieve a best practice approach to investigations and interviews.
We can train your human resource and legal counsel.

We Cultivate

Results for Human Resources,
Management and Employees

Through our empathic workplace investigations programs, outsourcing and consulting, we can also assist your organization handling workplace accusations, interviews and investigations.

  • Legally defensible workplace investigations
  • Targeted employment practice audits
  • Internal compliance assessments