We believe a workplace culture is built in
everyday moments and tested during the difficult ones.

We believe embracing authentic connection and imperfection creates a foundation of trust.

We help organizations create and maintain an empathic workplace culture.

We utilize intention and improvisational techniques to heighten the emotional intelligence of everyone within an organization.

Empathic Workplace Workshop:
Communication and Improvisation

Maneuvering the New Norm:
Working & Leading in Virtual World

Keynote Speech:
Angela Nino, CFI at IMPACT 2019.

DisruptHR Talks:
Empathy Cocltail

Empathic Workplace Workshops

Empathic Workplace presents workshops, lectures and demonstrations for executives, managers and employees to gain knowledge of the foundational principles that build an empathic workplace.

Empathic Workplace Investigations

Everyone assumes an investigator will be judgement free, but we teach how to make that a reality using empathy. And story telling is the way to invoke empathy in a situation. We teach you and your team the techniques that allow the accuser, the accused and witnesses to all feel heard, feel respected and view the process as fair.

Empathic Workplace Improv

Empathic Workplace offers an applied improv approach to team building, communication and learning emotional intelligence for executives, managers and employees.