Courageous Leadership Through Improv 

Courageous Leadership Through Improv

Courage building and courage practice positively impacts leadership, team development, connection, and workplace culture. Simply learning about new principles or skills does not translate into behavior or culture change immediately. In order to create lasting , sustainable change one must have the opportunity to practice new skills and concepts in a variety of different ways.  Creating a fun, low-stakes environment to practice the skill sets of courage and connective leadership is what the training Courageous Leadership Through Improv aims to provide.



The participants will have an opportunity to self assess  on various domains associated with courage and self compassion which will help guide areas of focused learning throughout the training.  The training will provide didactic and interactive education as well as  applied improv games to address the following topic areas- specific areas of focus to be identified before the training by CEO of company and EW team:

  • Increasing Presence as a Leader
  • Effective communication
  • Empathy and Empathy Misses
  • Increasing Openness as a Leader
  • Increasing Flexibility/ Learn to Go with the Flow 
  • From Failure to Moving Forward
  • Celebrating Every Win 



Training is offered either in person or virtually. Virtual training programs can be tailored to different time formats to be agreed upon during proposal finalization. 

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