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How Improv Can Help Law Enforcement Think On Their Feet

Certain skills in law enforcement aren’t easy to learn. It can take years. And not knowing them early on in the job can strongly influence our long-term success or failure in a law enforcement role. It can even put ourselves or our colleagues in danger. Thinking on our feet is one of these valuable skills. And improv is the safe, effective and fun way to hone this priceless job skill….

Empathy in Law Enforcement

For the police, the motto of “Protect and Serve” is a noble ambition. Officers, departments and administration prove time and again that they’re committed to these principles at their very core. But on a daily basis, officers face horrors, dangers, despair and scrutiny most of us could never imagine. In these high-stress jobs, compassion, patience and understanding can “run dry”. We struggle to maintain the empathy needed to “protect, serve,…