Empathic Workplace Services

An Inspiring Workshop for Leaders

September 29-November 17, 2023

Having the ability to remain courageous and seek connection in today’s world is a necessary and challenging endeavor. If you are someone who self identifies as a leader and has the call to increase your skill set around living and leading from a place of courage and connection, this training is for you.

Training and Talent Development

Empathic Workplace provides training that is grounded in bringing the heart back to organizational development and HR practices through training focused on evidenced based practices, empathy, and a person-first approach. Trainings infuse skill building, interactive practices, improv techniques and games to help embed key learnings and to bridge knowledge into effective practice. 

Topic Based Training Modules


Trauma Informed Care  

Difficult Conversations

Creating a Healthy Workplace Culture 

Adopting Flexibility Mindset

Creative Problem Solving 

Employee Engagement for Leaders 

Customized training based on organizational needs 

Strategic Visioning with Improv and Creative Problem Solving 

Clarity around mission, vision, and goals is the first step towards building a bright and sustainable future for any organization as it is the driver for employee engagement and retention. 

Building an innovative and dynamic organizational culture takes hard work and it can help spark creativity and connection if fun and play are brought into the planning process. Our team brings experience in executive leadership, group facilitation, organizational development and improv to our services, ensuring maximum engagement for all participants. 

Strategic Planning 

Group Brainstorm 

Solution Identification

Innovation Sessions


Team Building,  Employee Engagement & Wellness

Tired of offering the same in- house training for employees? Engage our team to offer something innovative and fun that focuses on enhancing team connection, collaboration, and engagement. All modules are informed by evidence based practices and offer psychoeducation, skill building and stress relief through laughter and play. Facilitated by helping professionals. 

Improv for Mindfulness 

Improv for Stress Relief 

Improv for Connection

Improv for Fun 

Improv for Team Cohesion 



Our team offers individual or group consultation to help embed key learnings from trainings taken through Empathic Workplace as well as consultation on a broad array of topics that are relevant to HR departments and senior and executive leaders. 

Our seasoned team of executive leaders and trainers provide person centered consultation that is grounded in the belief that empathy, courage, communication, creativity, flexibility, and authenticity are at the core of any successful consultation session and ensures effective objective implementation. 


Leadership skill development

Building Improv Programs for Employees and Clients


Program Development

Project Implementation

Scaling Programs for Sustainability 

Supervision Problem Solving 

Empathic Workplace Investigations

Creating trauma informed culture 

Improving HR practices to keep the people in mind 


Learn More

The Future of Workplace Investigations

Everyone assumes an investigator will be judgement free, but we teach how to make that a reality using empathy.

Story telling is the way to invoke empathy in a situation. We teach you and your team the techniques that allow the accuser, the accused and witnesses to all feel heard. feel respected and view the process as fair. Classes available for your employees:

Workplace Investigations:
Empathic Communication and Interviewing Techniques

Sexual Harassment:
Culture, Complaints and Empathic Investigations

Trust & Civility:
Tools to Create an Authentic, Empathic Workplace

Crossing Lines:
Empathic Policies, Procedures and Prevention

Responsible Supervision:
Training Frontline Managers to Protect the Empathic Workplace

Employment Interviews:
Creating Consistency, Limiting Liability and Empathic Hiring

All training can be tailored to the needs and nature of your business.

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