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The Way to Truly Prevent Harassment Is ….

Training is a good idea, and required, but…. the way to truly prevent harassment is to create a workplace culture in which disrespectful conduct is not tolerated. An Empathic Workplace has three distinct processes: (1) culture change (long term) (2) harassment prevention training (short term) (3) investigations (immediate) This article from the Omaha World-Herald supports this approach. Read The Article

Using the Science of Empathy and Storytelling to Connect in the Workplace

I first learned how to investigate workplace misconduct when I worked for Target.  I remember after I completed my first investigation, I conducted the interview, got to the truth, they wrote a statement, management terminated them, and police made the arrest.  As they were leaving with police, the person turned to me and thanked me. I was confused.  I didn’t know what to say.  So I went with what my…